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What Lunch Hour Is Like Around The World – In 14 Scrumptious Plates

As fascinating as the world’s different cultures are, nothing compares to a full meal that leaves you satisfied. And if you’re wondering what lunchtime looks like in different countries of the world, look no further. Here’s a virtual trip around the world in 14 lunches that’ll make your food look dull.


In France, lunch time begins as early as 11.30 or at least that’s when you can expect restaurants to start serving le Menu du jour or their fixed lunch time menu. If your hunt for food lasts beyond 1pm, you may have to hunt for several restaurants before finding one that’s still on lunch hour. A typical lunch plate here consists of baguettes filled with cheese, ham and lots of crunchy, fresh vegetables. Last heard, lunch-time omelettes are slowly picking up too.


The Germans love their pork and beef. This translates to some amazing dishes that include Sauerbraten (sour roast), Blutwurst (blood sausage) or Schwarzwurst (black sausage) and the Wiener (Viennese). Adding to the list are potatoes in salad, mashed or fried; sausages, meat balls and fish sticks. And washing this rich meal down with a couple of jugs of authentic German beer makes for an appetizing affair.


When you think of Italy, you’re reminded of melt-in-mouth cheese pizzas. Lunch break or pausa pranzo is a lengthy affair – it extends from 1:00 in the afternoon to 4pm. The first course or il primo at lunch (Pranzo) includes pasta and or risotto, later followed up with seafood or meat during the second course or il secondo which may or may not include il contorno or salads.

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