Tuesday , July 7 2020

What Lunch Hour Is Like Around The World – In 14 Scrumptious Plates



Lunch is an important meal here with lunch time between 1:30pm and 2:30pm. In Greece, a popular lunch time (Mesimeriano) dish is the moussaka (meat ground with potatoes and vegetables), followed by salads and sandwiches if hunger persists. Also on the menu is their traditional vegetable casserole.



Lunch (La Comida) here is an activity of leisure, lasting between 1 and 4 in the afternoon, with soups and salads as appetizers, followed by Tacos (for people on the go), tortillas, rice, meat, beans and vegetables for main course. Plenty of long conversations line the food table during this time of day.


Morocco opens for lunch hour by breaking bread. Literally. Bread is a main feature in a Moroccan meal. A meze (collection) of couscous, beef, mutton, lamb (some of the favourite meats in Morocco), tagine, salads and mint tea. Another worthy mention here is seafood that Morocco has plenty of thanks to its affinity to two coast lines.

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