Monday , May 27 2024

9 Foods You Should Avoid Like The Plague If You Want A Good Night’s Sleep

While surfing YouTube late into the night we often feel like munching on snacks. But if you’re not careful of what you’re putting in your mouth, it could easily ruin your sleep. What we eat can also affect our sleeping hours. You would have noticed that the night you eat pizza is often followed by a hard time the next morning. It happens so because some foods are best avoided at night so as to get a sound night of sleep.

Here’s a list of food that can give you indigestion and can keep you wide awake, even if you badly want a shut-eye.

1. Pizza

Though we love eating pizza at any given hour, it is best to avoid it for dinner. High in refined carbohydrates, pizza will not go down the digestive system quickly. So good luck for your poo time the next morning!

2. Alcohol

A glass of wine every night is said to be good for the health, but excessive intake of alcohol won’t give you much shut eye. It will make you feel sleepy, but will also ruin your otherwise normal sleeping pattern

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