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9 Everyday Foods You Didn’t Know Could Make You Sick

You are what you eat! The span of your life depends upon the food you eat, since it has the tendency to define you and your health. It can make you or break you. There definitely are certain foods that can be potentially risky, just as some can be essentially healthy for you. Hence, it is always sensible to be aware about such foods that can make you sick if proper care is not taken. Here’s a list of 9 such foods that have the potential to make you sick. Tread with caution!

1. Green leafy vegetables

The main ingredients of salads and sandwiches — leafy greens can be polluted by muck, unclean water washes, etc. The bugs that feed on these greens stick to it and are difficult to detect by the human eye. Hence, always wash these with warm water properly before use.

2. Eggs

The salmonella bacteria loves to reside in eggs. It can cause food poisoning or even typhoid if the eggs are not properly cooked.

3. Meat

Raw meat has high affinities of containing germs that your immune system can’t always fight away. Hence, undercooked meat should be a strict no-no.

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