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9 Celebrities Who Are Battling With Chronic Diseases

It is true that stars can get ill just like the rest of us and some of them are quite vocal about their diseases, yet others prefer to keep their health problems a secret. They may be gorgeous-looking, rich and famous, but when it comes to chronic diseases, all human beings are just the same. Here’s a list of celebrities who are struggling with chronic diseases while leading active lives as actors, actresses and performers.

Missy Elliot

We haven’t heard from this girl for a while now and there’s a reason for that. She had to step out of the spotlight a few years ago when she was diagnosed with the Graves’ Disease. Her music career was put on hold as she was battling the autoimmune condition, which affected her thyroid and lead to fatigue, insomnia, eye problems and goiter. Some say that at some point the illness got so bad that she couldn’t drive a car or write music anymore.

Daniel Radcliffe

The star of Harry Potter turned out to be the very unlucky 1% out of all population that suffers from the incurable condition called ‘cluster headaches’. It’s a truly agonizing illness that causes a person to experience severe head pain on one side of the head. The pain is much more intense than that of migraines and is hardly tolerable. Cluster headaches tend to affect men more than women.

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