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8 Celebrities Who Bravely Fought Against Cancer & Gave Life A Second Chance

One word which is scarier than ‘death’? Cancer, for sure. The word is scary but the disease is more scarier. Everytime we eavesdrop a conversation that has the word ‘cancer’, it surely leaves us shuddering.

4th February, i.e today is celebrated as world cancer day. As an ode to every cancer survivor, this day celebrates their spirit and hope.

When was the last time when you read someone’s story and you were all teary eyed? Well, stories of cancer survivors are so honest and inspiring that it’ll leave you wondering if you’re valuing your life enough or not. Let’s have a look at 9 celebrities who didn’t just battle cancer but they resumed and gave a second chance to their life. Have a look.

1. Manisha Koirala

Type of cancer: Ovarian Cancer

Little did Dil se actress Manisha Koirala know that one fine day, her life would turn upside down. After she was diagnosed with cancer, she flew down to the US for her treatment and after a tough fight, she emerged victoriously. She came back with a smile! Cancer can harm your body but your spirit? Not really.

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