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Weird Sports You Never Knew Existed

Today you won’t find a man who doesn’t know what soccer, baseball or ice hockey is. These mainstream sports are played literally everywhere – backyards, school grounds, even in prisons. However, there are other less popular yet much more exciting and unusual sports that you should know about.

The sports we are going to tell you about are probably way too weird to make it to the Olympics, but they’ve found their dedicated followers and even hold competitions worldwide, from local to the international levels. In this article we tried to sum up the most extreme and bizarre ones, so prepare yourself to be amazed. Here is our top 12 Unusual Sports.

1. Chess boxing

Let’s start with the oddest one – Chessboxing. Yes, that’s Chess + Boxing! These two are merged together for a reason. Boxing, just like a chess game, is strategic attempt to outsmart the opponent. It’s the ultimate challenge that requires both brains and muscles. In this hybrid sport, players alternate between the chess game and boxing after each round, trying to either knock each other out or checkmate. The game lasts up to 11 rounds and the winner is determined by winning the chess game, or by knocking out the opponent, or by the judges’ decision at the end.

This sport is mostly played in Germany and England. It gained its popularity thanks to the 1992 comic “Froid Équateur“ written by French comic book artist Enki Bilal.

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