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20 Rare Historical Facts About Olympic Games That You Never Knew

Since its inception in ancient Greece, the Olympics have come to define the height of athletic achievement. At every Summer and Winter Games, athletes strive to outshine each other, sometimes surpassing expectations. The Olympics are a time of abundant energy, where the competitors passionately strive to bag their medals, while the whole world watches on with bated breath. In this spirit, we have collected some interesting facts about the Olympic Games that you could know while you cheer for your athletes…

1. During the month preceding the ancient Olympics, no wars were permitted, so as to allow the spectators to travel unharmed across Greece.

The modern Olympic Games or Olympics creation was inspired by the ancient Olympic Games, which were held in Olympia, Greece, from the 8th century BC to the 4th century AD. Heralds would be sent to advertise the onset of the Games throughout Greece. According to a sacred truce, no wars could be fought for a month and no obstacles were to fall in the way of spectators. In the subsequent centuries, the period was changed to three months.

2. In ancient Olympics, athletes competed in nude.

Though, it is not known exactly why they did that, one story suggests that the loincloth of a runner once slipped down and he tripped on it. After that all other runners would remove their loincloths to avoid such accidents. But, nudity was a fundamental aspect of Greek culture. Good health and strong athletic body were appreciated and admired. It was also said to be an exhibition of coming-of-age, when young men would reach their adulthood and would proudly display their bodies.

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