Tuesday , November 19 2019

Jeevan Rathore

30 Unusual Ways Of Fixing Complex Things

There are certain times when we are either too tired or just plain lazy to get something done. MacGuyver taught us creative ways on how to solve problems. These 30 ingenious life hacks prove that anyone can think outside the box too…

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24 Most Amazing Reflection Photography

This beautiful series of photos turns our world upside down, showing us how beautiful the simplest reflections can be, adding a magical atmosphere to these already gorgeous photos. I can stare at these all day! Inception In New York Milan Reflected In A Tuba Prague In A Wine Glass Chicago …

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Meet The Honey Hunters Of Asia

In the south-east Asian country of Nepal, there is a tribe called “Gurung”, who practice an ancient tradition of collecting honey from wild bees, called “Honey Hunting”. The Gurung people balance themselves on suspended rope ladders, and use long sticks called “Tangos” to prod and push off wild beehives along …

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Top 20 Craziest Halloween Houses In The World

There are some people that don’t make an occasion out of Halloween at all, but there are others who go completely over the top – their houses included! This year is turning out to be a particularly good one for Halloween home decorations. Take a look at these 20 over …

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Sculptures And Paintings Make A Perfect Combo

Shintaro Ohata is a Japanese artist who has the knack of cleverly combining sculpture and canvas, creating unique effects. Ohata draws his inspiration from movies and everyday life and immerses the viewer in his 2D/3D work of art. His manipulation of color and light is the secret to his successful …

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