Thursday , July 16 2020

Jeevan Rathore

13 Animals That Are Masters Of Weaving Nests

From the ancient Egyptians and Chinese, through Michelangelo and Thomas Jefferson, humanity’s history has been full of great architects and architecture. Humans were not the first ones to build structures to be used for a dwelling – some animals have been building intricate structures while humans were still living in …

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10 Beautiful Road Trips You Must Do In The USA

Within the current climate and continuing restrictions on both international and cross-country travel, you might think that you should just give up on making any summer vacation plans this year. We’re here to cheer you up and give a suggestion that might allow you to spend time in nature and …

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The Magnificent Birds Paintings Of Artist John J. Audubon

John James Audubon (1785 – 1851) was a noted artist from the 19th century who is best known for his seminal illustrated book titled ‘Birds of America’. The iconic book contained 435 gorgeous hand-colored watercolor paintings depicting a wide variety of American bird species. Interestingly, Audubon wasn’t a trained naturalist, …

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The Beautiful Attabad Lake In North Pakistan

When gazing at the serene beauty of Attabad Lake in Northern Pakistan you wouldn’t guess that the formation of this lovely sight is the result of a disaster. On January 4th, 2010 a massive landslide occurred in the remote Hunza Valley. It ended up creating a dam in the Hunza …

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6 Ancient Cultures And Civilizations Lost Long Time Ago

Ancient civilizations have always fascinated humans. And why shouldn’t they? We have learned so much about human evolution by studying the intricacies of the Greeks, the Egyptians, the Romans, and Mayans, among a host of other cultures. Learning about these ancient civilizations and their cultures also gives us plenty of …

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16 Most Popular Cocktails From Around The World

Every country and region in the world has its own signature taste, a taste reflected both in the cuisine and beverages favored in a specific area of the world. Countless travelers worldwide are driven by their curiosity to explore the cuisine of the overseas, and luckily, we can satiate (at …

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