Friday , December 6 2019

Jeevan Rathore

Lets Explore The Most Mysterious Rivers In The World

Not only is the alluvium deposited on both sides of the river, the rivers are also masterpieces of nature given to humans. Rivers contribute to the mysterious and romantic beauty of each country. And there are rivers that become symbols of the country. Admire the most impressive and mysterious galaxies …

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Top 74 Pictures Of Rainbows From Around The World

Rainbows are Mother Nature’s most beautiful gift to all with the privilege of sight, and nothing short of a miracle of color. Derived from a complexly simple reflective reaction in the air, which can be fairly simply recreated in non-natural circumstances, these bursts of light, beauty, and color will really …

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Dare To Eat These Deep Fried Foods?

Have you ever tried fried maple leaves? Or a deep fried scorpion, maybe? Well, you surely must have at least tried French fries or fried chicken and waffles, then. This video is about all those things, and some more, but it is definitely not for those with a weak stomach, …

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Here Are The 24 Must-Visit Places In Goa

On the southwestern coast of India is a stunning state that is rich in white sandy beaches, festivals of all kinds, and tonnes of foot traffic. Goa is an ideal destination for anyone traveling across the Atlantic, looking for a taste of beauty and fun. Goa has been ranked as …

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8 Delicious Tropical Fruit You Must Include In Your Diet

We’re used to hearing that tasty and healthy rarely go together, but these tropical fruit easily prove otherwise. In rain forests and tropical climates around the world grow treasures rich in both nutrients and taste – meet 8 easy to come by exotic fruit that really pack a healthy punch. …

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