Monday , July 13 2020

Jeevan Rathore

The Kashmir’s Saffron Flowers Are Truly Beautiful

The flower field Saffron (saffron flowers) accounting for most of the area of Kashmir, India. Saffron’s pistil harvest here is very labor-intensive, because all of it must be done by hand so almost any flower field accounts for the majority of family labor, from the elderly to the very young …

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Cutest And Funny Cats To Make Your Day

You know, today started rough. I got up all woozy, ran out of toothpaste and was late to work. But then I remembered it was Cat Day, and that these minor irritations will never surpass the mighty joy I get collecting and sharing the best fluffy and funny cat photos …

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Cutest Pictures Of The Laughing Owls

Did you think owls are very serious creatures? Maybe they are, but like everyone else, they know how to relax and have a good time! Here’s a hilarious photo series showing us owls at their funniest moments, looking like they are just about to burst into laughter!

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21 Fantastic Ideas For Using Ice Cube Trays

The ice cube tray is one of those things that seems to have only one purpose, but when you think out of the box, there are actually a number of great ways to use this item every day. Here are some creative DIY ideas for using your ice cube tray …

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7 Wild Animals Who Have Friends With Benefits

The bonus video at the bottom of the page of a coyote and a badger playing around has made headlines recently, with people delighted to see the adorable friendship between the two animals. Well, we’re here to tell you that coyotes and badgers have been allies for a long time, …

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These Pets Are Always Hungry

If you have a pet then you probably know that once the food comes out, the begging starts… Even if you just fed them, you can be sure that they will still come sniffing and begging for that delicious human food. While many foods we eat are actually bad for …

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