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8 Weird Christmas Traditions Around The World

The nice thing about Christmas is that every family has their own tradition. Some families bring everyone together and see who can get the drunkest by midnight. Other families keep it nice and small and just have dinner with a handful of people. Some people go celebrate Christmas in a warmer country, others go celebrate in a Scandinavian country, right underneath the Polar light.
While there’s a lot of differences in how individual families celebrate that jolly good time of the year, there’s also a huge difference in how cultures experience and celebrate Christmas. Let’s take a look at some of the weirdest Christmas traditions around the world so you know where to celebrate Christmas next year. Or where not to.

Christmas Log (Catalonia)

The Catalan part of Spain has a Christmas log tradition, where they literally create a Christmas character out of a small log. They put it up 14 days before Christmas and feed it nuts, fruits and sweets every day. Once Christmas Eve arrives, they beat the living shit out of that log with sticks and force it to excrete the treats. They also sing songs while doing it. You thought I was overreacting when I said “beat the shit out of”, didn’t you?

Caracas Skating

In Caracas, Venezuela’s capital, tradition is to go to early-morning Christmas mass on roller skates. Why? Nobody has a clue, it’s just how they roll. Literally. They even go so far as to clear the roads so people can just roller skate up to church.

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