Friday , February 28 2020

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19 Fascinating Traditional Tribes From Around The World

Thanks to technology, our world is becoming smaller every day, but despite the rapid pace of advancement, there are still some indigenous people around the world who manage to preserve their ancient way of life, language, and traditions. English photographer Jimmy Nelson travels the globe to meet these unique tribes …

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Interesting Christmas Traditions Around The World

Tradition at Christmas Origins of Christmas tree Originating from a number of religions and beliefs that existed before Christianity was born, Christmas has a close connection with the activity of celebrating the winter solstice on December 21 or 22, according to Ancient Origin. . This is the longest night time …

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8 Weird Christmas Traditions Around The World

The nice thing about Christmas is that every family has their own tradition. Some families bring everyone together and see who can get the drunkest by midnight. Other families keep it nice and small and just have dinner with a handful of people. Some people go celebrate Christmas in a …

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