Monday , April 15 2024

7 Profound Questions Every Man Wants To Ask A Woman Shopper

Ask him to solve a complex math problem. He will. Ask him to figure out what happens #WhenAWomanShops and you will have him on his knees. That’s the plight of Martians – a fairly intelligent breed of humans, who are adept at building satellites but completely clueless about how Venusians play this game of shopping. Don’t believe us? Just promise anonymity to any Martian and he will confess that the biggest mysteries on Earth boil down to these seven questions. Read on and tell us if you agree!

1. When you ask ‘How do I look in this dress?’ What do you exactly want to hear?

The moment a woman walks out of the trial room our man knows he is in trouble. If he keeps his hand on his heart and tells the truth, he knows what’s going to happen. And if he tells that dress actually looks nice, he knows, she won’t buy it.

2. When you say ‘I am not buying’, then why are you trying?

Martian’s brains tend to hang – very much like a dated PC, when their partners go shopping for scarves and spend hours looking for shoes. For men, shopping is like football. There’s only one place to go– the goalpost. But Venusians have a point, what if you are looking for scarves and you miss a good deal on shoes? Have a point. Don’t they?

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