Wednesday , April 24 2024

11 Common Phrases You Use Everyday That Actually Make No Sense

There are some sayings and words of advice that we hear too often in our lives. Whether they are meant to inspire or just said at the spur of the moment, reality often rips them apart to reveal their true identity.

Her’s why they are so stupid in the context of today.

1. No such thing as a stupid question

Said every open minded teacher and business leader ever, because there are plenty of curious souls who ask the stupidest things out of ignorance or just to push their luck. If you have worked in the services industry like hospitality or retail, you would probably know.

2. Good things come to those who wait

Said every procrastinator and fan of Narendra Modi. Good things come to those who get out of their comfort zone and make things happen.

3. Ignore them and they’ll go away

If you had bullies while growing up, you probably would know this to be true. Whether you entertain the twit or ignore him, you still face his wrath.

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