Friday , March 5 2021

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17 Idioms That Look Hilarious When Translated To English

If you know anything about translation, you’d know that you should never translate idioms or phrases word for word, or else… this happens. As a fun exercise, we translated these 17 idioms and phrases from different languages into English, and the results are absolutely hilarious, but also very confusing. Why …

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World’s Languages That Are Too Similar To English

English is a bizarre language that doesn’t seem closely related to any other language, despite being one of the most commonly spoken languages in the world thanks to globalization and the internet. But while it’s true that English isn’t mutually-intelligible with any other language, it isn’t true that English has …

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15 Hilarious Translation Fails To Make You Laugh

When translations from foreign languages into English go wrong, apart from being almost incomprehensible, the results are often outrageously hilarious. Below, you’ll find 15 of such translation fails, many of which will make you fall off your chair with laughter! 1. Pay attention or you might end up hurting yourself! …

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