Monday , October 25 2021

Top 10 Beautiful Places For Solo Travellers In 2018

There are certain things in life that one should do on their own and at least once in their entire life. Solo traveling is gathering a lot of popularity amongst the traveling communities because of the spontaneity that comes along with it. In the quest to discover one’s true self, spiritual awakening, rejuvenation and adrenaline rush solo travel becomes the perfect reason to pack the travel bags and climb those mountains and walk along those crystal-clear beaches.

Also, solo traveling allows you to suit your own needs and moods as you do not have to be a slave to other people’s whims and fancies. So if you want to go and watch the sunset by the beach, or trek up those hills just get up and go! You not only get that sense of immense independence, but you also get out of your comfort zone while you get some amazing travel stories to tell back to people back at home.

Here are some amazing places you can explore if you are bitten by the bug known as wanderlust. These places are some of the best countries for solo travelers based on the criterias like safety, culture, transportation, and easy lodging.

1.Bali Island, Indonesia

Bali is the cheapest countries of all to visit. One can stay in a comfortable room, have three meals a day along with beers for just $25 a day. Accommodation and other commodities are even cheaper if you will move further to the North.

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