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16 Surprisingly Common Foods That May Cause Cancer

Nobody wants to see their dinner plate laden with cancer causing foods. But in this world of Science and Technology, it is highly likely that you’re consuming few of the cancer triggering foods daily. While it is difficult to fight and beat cancer, you can avoid it by removing or …

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10 Celebs Who Died While Performing Live On Stage

Since ages, we have seen many celebrities who have been a part of our daily lives and entertained us. They have been entertaining us constantly through various platforms. The stage is the most known and most common platform where celebrities get a chance to connect with their fans face to …

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Top 10 Beautiful Places For Solo Travellers In 2018

There are certain things in life that one should do on their own and at least once in their entire life. Solo traveling is gathering a lot of popularity amongst the traveling communities because of the spontaneity that comes along with it. In the quest to discover one’s true self, …

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10 Celebs Who Probably Got Married For Money

It seems that being a celebrity is a tough job – once you get rich, you need to stay rich to maintain that level of gorgeousness and fame. At least, that’s the truth for some celebrities, who turn into actual gold-diggers ready to do anything for money. Of course, we …

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Top 22 Most Expensive Celebrity Divorces Ever

Divorce is simply ending a marriage. It is the cancellation and reorganization of the legal responsibilities and duties of the couple that comes with marriage. The matrimonial bonds are dissolved between a couple as per the directives of the law of that particular country or state. Let us have a …

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