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‘Blackout’ Is A New Crazy Tattoo Trend

Have you ever been so drunk all you could think of was “I really need a Decepticon tattoo on my ass right freaking now”? I hope not, but in case that’s exactly what you did and now regret it with every single fiber of your soul (because, obviously, you’re more …

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Handmade Crystal-Studded Crowns Are An Actual Thing

Ever wanted to look like royalty, but can’t find that prince or princess? Don’t worry, because California-based designer Melissa Loschy, has got it covered with her range of hand-crafted crystal-decorated crowns. Drawing on history, nature, and countries she has been inspired by, Melissa’s crowns became a thing by somewhat of …

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9 Fashion Problems Short Girls Will Relate To

Life is hard, not that we don’t know. But for short girls, the set of troubles comes in a different way. Or should I say, different size? Short girls look insanely cute and all, but to look that way, they do face a lot of problems which we may not …

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