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7 Burning Fashion Questions All Men Want To Ask, Answered

Let’s face it, men’s fashion is complicated. Although most of us pretend not to give a shit about what we are wearing, deep down, the smallest details give us the goosebumps. Which colours match well? Is this cut in vogue? Do these combinations clash? Etc etc…

To put your heart at ease, we got together with fashion experts and jotted down the concerns of the fashion conscious man.

1. Tucking the shirt in or leaving it out

There is no rule set in stone with regard to how one tucks in his shirt. A rule of thumb to follow is depending on the kind of shirt you’re wearing, what you’re wearing it with, and its length. Shirts with prints and designs like batik, checks and monochrome patterns look much better out than tucked in. They go well with the whole semi-casual style that harmoniously blends work and play. The fit and length of the shirt also determine how you would like to wear it. A perfect fit with short length is better out if you’re headed for a party, but not for a job interview.

A shirt worn with a suit looks best tucked in when it is just a single light colour like white or baby blue. In order to avoid the muffin top, consider folding the excess sides of your shirt while tucking in.

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