Tuesday , July 16 2024

9 Fashion Problems Short Girls Will Relate To

Life is hard, not that we don’t know. But for short girls, the set of troubles comes in a different way. Or should I say, different size? Short girls look insanely cute and all, but to look that way, they do face a lot of problems which we may not even have a clue about.

There are constant struggles that comes with their height. Now every girl who’s stood on her toes open to the top shelf, you’re gonna relate to these problems.

1. Dresses are always a little longer.

Long story short – you see a cute dress online, you order it, it turns out longer than you saw it in the picture, you immediately regret your choices. It’s okay girls, you have the choice of dressing up in those short dresses without any glitches so consider that height a boon!

2. Kids size reference.

At some point in your life, you have been teased and told to go to the kids section to buy your footwear or pants, because of your short legs and small feet. And at every point it has made you furious!

3. Buying a jumpsuit is a nightmare.

They’ll never fit you the way you want. You can only drool over them in real life. *sigh*

4. Long tees are almost like dresses.

Well, you could really take it as a bonus when you love the tee. Make them jaws drop, girrrl.

5. You always have to get your jeans bottom sewed up a bit.

Do I need to explain anymore?

6. You refrain from wearing baggy clothes no matter how much you love them.

They make you look like you’re slithering. Can’t. Wear. Them.

7. The sleeves are always longer.

And you always gotta fold them up while doing stuff. So tedious, no?

8. You look like a kid dressed up for a competition in a traditional attire.

And what else do kids look when they dress up? Cute. Uh but wait, is that really worth the mockery?

9. Heels aren’t you favourites because they can make or break you.

Parties require you to wear heels to keep up with everyone else. And if you’re a party animal, chances are, you’ve mastered wearing heels for a long period of time. But if you’re a newbie to this game, you have a long way to go.

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