Monday , April 15 2024

Why I Will Never Consider Love At First Sight As True Love

Coup de foudre – or ‘Love at first sight’ in French. Does it exist?

While those chiseled features or an athletic built might be enough to hold our attention for a few minutes or even a few hours, it fails to hold our attention for long. We need a LOT more than just a beautiful face to fall in love with.

Love at first sight is as unreal as those candyfloss movies where the guy falls in love with the girl and chases her until he makes her his own.

Just like while reading a book, a reader doesn’t fall in love with the characters’ appearance; he/ she falls in love with their words, their thoughts, their hearts and most importantly their souls.

Similarly when it comes to falling in love with people, we fall in love with the way hold themselves together when there is every reason to fall apart, their sensitivity towards other people, their never-say-die attitude, their flaming belief in themselves, their honesty, the way they touch your lives.

Talking about the person that I am, I think I can never fall in love with someone just because he/she looks a certain way for what is beneath that beautiful surface is what makes my heart flutter. Love isn’t as fleeting as looks, it is something that lasts a lifetime and maybe after that too.

It doesn’t happen in a moment or even in a few weeks, it happens over a course of time. When you are able to forgive a person and look beyond their darker sides, it is then that you are truly in love with him/her.

These days, we, as young adults are constantly fall in and out of love.

But is it actually love, or it is just a temporary attachment to someone who is fulfilling our emotional and physical needs? Ever thought about that?

‘Love’ is certainly not something that happens at first sight, it takes years and sometimes a lifetime to love someone with all our heart and soul. But if you still think you have fallen in love with someone at that first look, think again darling, for it could be lust or a plain attraction towards him/her.

On that thought, I will leave you guys to ponder upon the thought of love at first sight and if that all even exists?

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