Friday , April 19 2024

The One Who Doesn’t Text You Back, Doesn’t Deserve You

Do you find yourself constantly checking your phone wondering if your partner has finally replied to the message you’d ent long back?

I am sure you do, every one of us who has truly loved another person has done this at some point of time. Some might call it stupidity, but only you know about that feeling you go through when you badly miss your partner and want to talk to them.

Oh! And the disappointment you feel when despite countless messages of yours, there isn’t a single one from them.

Trust me, I know that feeling of ignorance and unworthiness.

Maybe I used to overthink the whole situation earlier; however, I’ve passed that stage now; I understand that they must have been incredibly busy (perhaps stuck in a family gathering or finishing some office presentation) and so didn’t find the sufficient time to reply to my message.

But if this is a common scenario, then i have learnt to become smart enough to understand the signs and know when it’s gone from ‘being busy’ to ‘just not interested’.

Come on, it’s not like we aren’t busy, don’t we take take out time for them? We do it because they’re important to us and we show it by dropping texts to them from time to time.

It’s just a text, how hard is it to take 30 seconds of time-out and type! And if they can’t even spare those few seconds of their life on you, do you really think they deserve you?

Who would want to date a person who doesn’t consider them to be a priority.

You didn’t sign up for a relationship where you have to wait for hours to get a single reply. Well, don’t answer that because I already know what you are going to say.

From everything I have learnt from a relationship so far, there this one thing I can tell for sure – nobody wants to feel worthless from having read those disinterested replies and monosyllabic texts from their partner.

There is more to you than this relationship and you deserve someone who loves talking to you and gets as excited on receiving a text from you as you do when you get one from them!

So, rather than wasting your time with someone who keeps you waiting for a text, find someone who loves talking to you. Trust me, you’ll thank me later.

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