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Reasons Why It’s Okay To Have Your Heart Broken At Least Once

Nobody wants to end up with the pain of a broken heart. For those who’ve had none and are always undermining the power of one, let me give you a heads up- it hurts as though your heart has actually been ripped out of your body.

All we ever want are beautiful love stories and fulfilled dreams, we want things to go at least slightly our way. We want to be happy.

But while craving for all the sugary happiness is a legit desire, it is equally important to feel pain and hurt because that is what makes us human and that is what makes us stronger.

Keeping that in mind, here are a few reasons why it is okay to have our heart broken at least once:

1. It makes us stronger.

How many of us are aware of our strengths and what are we capable of enduring? It is not until we have had shattered dreams and a broken heart that we realize what are we made of.

Nothing can make us stronger the way dashed hopes and unrealized dreams can.

2. It introduces us to the part of us which knows how to care.

Look at it this way -just the feeling of being in love with someone no matter what the consequences were is beautiful. It means we were brave enough to care and love someone with all our heart.

It makes us realize our power- the power to make someone feel happy and loved.

3. It makes us more mature.

It is truly said that we mature with the damage and not with years. Heartbreaks, shattered hopes are as important as manifested dreams or even more because some of life’s vital lessons come from the former than the latter.

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