Monday , April 15 2024

Demonstration Of True Love In Cute Illustrations

If you take a look at the world around you, particularly in the media, you’ll notice that we are taught that love means grand romantic gestures, but illustrator Philippa Rice reveals another side to love in her cute illustrations that is often overlooked, the day to day life together that makes a relationship so special.

From waking up in the morning and brushing their teeth together to simply being happy in each others company Rice’s webcomic featuring a young couple living together highlights what true love really is. All of these illustrations and more are also available in a book nkgd Soppy: A Love Story.

Sometimes love can be found in the simple action of getting up in the morning… And making breakfast together.

It can be the simple pleasure of just being in each others company.

And even when you go to sleep, love doesn’t rest.

Love makes you do things in pairs, like brushing your teeth together.

Or doing something as simple as shopping, because you know that if you take a bite of something, your loved one won’t mind.

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