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8 Warning Signs You Are In An Emotionally Abusive Relationship

Whenever one hears abusive relationship, they instantly picturize physical abuse and torture; however, there is also something called ‘emotional abuse’ which is equally painful but often gets unnoticed. At times, the ones who are suffering from emotional abuse ignore it owing to insufficient knowledge about it.

Emotional abuse not only affects your self-esteem but also puts your mental health to test and compels you to doubt your own identity. However, what’s worse is the fact that people discern abuse to be gender-specific. However, both men and women face emotional abuse and manipulation that leaves their hearts crushed from inside.

If you have been feeling derailed of late in your relationship, thinking that something is wrong and the reason is you, here are some warning signs of an emotionally abusive relationship that you need to see before you start blaming yourself for everything.

1. They Constantly Criticize You In Public And Personally

There is nothing wrong in making fun of someone casually once in a while. But if your girl constantly criticizes you in front of everyone, tries to put you down or insult you for everything you do, it’s a warning sign of emotional abuse. When you try to defend yourself, she will shun you for being ‘too sensitive’ and incapable of taking jokes.

2. You Always Feel Guilty In Your Relationship

Have you ever noticed that how you are the only one in your relationship who always feels guilty for anything that goes wrong, even when it’s not your fault? It’s because she is manipulating you to feel that guilt. After some point, you even start feeling guilty for meeting your friends because you think that you are doing something wrong.

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