Monday , April 15 2024

8 Things Girls Expect In A Relationship

Girls are considered to be complicated and often, they say, it is humanly impossible to figure out what they want. Maybe that does hold true but there are a few things a girl expects from her boyfriend and they are anything but expensive gifts.

1. She needs your time!

You need to give your girl enough time. Take time out from your busy schedule and spend quality time with your girl. She needs and deserves your time.

2. Pay enough attention to her.

Your girl might not be the ‘attention seeking’ kind yet she definitely would want you to pay attention to her while she’s talking to you or sharing her problems with you. It is a fact that every girl dies for some attention from her guy.

3. Respect her.

Every girl, irrespective of how she is, should be respected and wants to be respected. Just because she’s your girlfriend, you can’t take her to be your ‘property’ and you can’t and shouldn’t treat her like dirt. You need to respect your girl!

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