Friday , June 9 2023

8 Reasons Making The First Move Is The Best Idea You’ve Had

‘Should I text or should I let him text first?’

‘Should I say hi, or let her introduce herself?’

‘Should I like the picture or let him do it?’

If your crush scene is stuck somewhere between these thoughts, chances are it’s never going to move forward. We often give too much importance to who makes the move first. It’s almost become a matter of pride. ‘If she likes me, she will talk’ is a common notion people follow while getting into the dating game.

However, it’s totally wrong to expect others to make the first move. Life could be uncomplicated if you keep your pride aside and listen to your feelings. Making a move first doesn’t mean that you have no self-respect. It only means you value the relationship and listen to your heart. If you’re in a dilemma of ‘should I or should I not’, here are some logical reasons why you should.

1. Time is very precious, so is your crush

What if while doing this should-I-shouldn’t- I dance, your crush goes ahead with someone else? Therefore, stop wasting time giving confusing hints. Time is precious. You can’t take three years to ask someone out. Nobody waits that long.

2. You like someone, you tell them

It’s that simple. You don’t have to say that you want to make babies in your first meeting. A simple ‘hi, wassup’ will give them a hint that you want to talk to them. If they don’t text back or return your ‘hi’, you know they aren’t interested and it saves your time.

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