Friday , April 19 2024

7 Traditional Dating Rules This Generation Needs To Understand Again

‘Love’- the most beautiful feeling in the world and also the most difficult one to explain in words. But recently, has the meaning of love changed?

Has the modern dating concept taken over the true essence of love? Maybe or maybe not, that definitely differs from person to person but one thing that I can tell is that there is some charm in the traditional dating techniques.

Agree or not, but at some point in life, we all have loved watching old movies where they express their love to someone with nice romantic gestures, which are rarely seen today. So, why not bring it back? You can if you want to. Just follow these 7 traditional dating rules:

1. Writing letters to each other.

The concept of sending instant texts have definitely made things easier for us, but don’t you think its value increases a thousand folds when those messages are given to you in the form of letters.

It instantly makes you feel more connected to the person after seeing the efforts they have put to write their feelings on paper. Well, surely it something that you will cherish forever.

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