Friday , April 19 2024

7 Things You Will Understand If Your Best Friend Is Getting Married

When your best friend is getting married, it is not just the most special day of their life, but yours too.

You’ve done everything together for years till now and now they are on their way to start a new life.

As happy as you feel for them, you also feel like you are standing on the verge of an era ending. I know it’s sad, right? That sad feeling isn’t the only thing you experience when your best friend is getting married, there are a many other things too.

While the list of things you go through when your best friend gets married is long, we have figured out the 8 most popular ones of them.

We bet if your best friend is about to marry too, you will understand these things for sure.

1. The impromptu plans reduce.

Just a few days before she got engaged, you felt like going out with your best friend is just one call away. But now, they are so busy doing various stuffs like trousseau, flower arrangements (seriously???) which you don’t even understand.

2. Their fiancée is everywhere

Alone time? What’s that? Wherever your best friend goes, the fiancée follows. Even when you ask them to come for a movie, they bring their to-be along because they have to go wedding shopping after that.


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