Wednesday , April 24 2024

7 Things We All Want To Tell Our Parents But We Don’t

We all know that our parents love us ardently. We also know that there’s nothing that we cannot share with them thinking they won’t understand.

But even then, there are certain things that we tend to hide from them because we don’t know with certainity, how they will react. Due to this fear, we keep things to ourselves and wonder how it would be if we could tell them everything.

Well, I don’t know when you will get the courage to tell them whatever you feel, but I have figured out a few of those things that most of us want to tell our parents.

Let’s see if yours is listed among these 7 things.

1. We hate it when they pressurize us to study.

We know that our parents are worried about our future for our betterment, but they are hurting us in the process, while doing so.

Already the pressure of clearing exams and scoring well is too high and in such situations, our minds are just not capable of dealing with the additional burden of expectations that comes from our parents; it just makes it worse for us.

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