Saturday , December 4 2021

7 Things That Girls Mistakenly Think Guys Find Adorable

Doing things for your partner so that they might think you’re cute and adorable is a totally normal thing and I’m guessing pretty much every girl out there does it.

But sometimes you might go a little overboard or not even know that men don’t really prefer women who act like that. Well this list is here just for that reason so you know what to not to do. You might think you’re doing everything right but you couldn’t be more wrong!

Read our list and see for yourself.

1. Talking like a baby and acting helpless all the time.

Baby talk can get really annoying specially when you’re dating a grown man. There might be certain immature teens out there who love themselves a damsel in distress but a mature man will want his woman to be confident and act her own age.

2. Bragging about how other men find you se*y and want to be with you.

Telling men about how other men are hitting on you all the time can be a big turn off for them. It may or not may not be true but no man wants to hear his girlfriend bragging about the competition. It just isn’t right!

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