Thursday , January 28 2021

7 Things My Father Taught Me That No One Else Did

Fathers are the most special figure in the life of children and no matter what the equation of your relationship is with them, it is always undefined. While our mothers usually get more credit of bringing us up, it is our fathers who are actually the unsung heroes. There is no doubt that mothers love us a lot, fathers tell us the real meaning of life. In fact, if it weren’t for my father, I wouldn’t have been as strong as I am in my life. To me, he is the best father in this world for the things he taught me that no one else did.

1. You can’t get away with things easily.

Every time I used to make a mistake, my mother used to forgive me easily but it was my father who never let it go. Damn, I hated him for reacting to my mistakes like that but now I have understood why he did it.

2. No one is stronger than you.

Yes, I had the kind of father who wouldn’t talk to me if I ever crib at home that I was bullied. He always asked me one question – ‘Did you fight back?’ And if my answer was No, I had a long lesson coming up for me.

3. You are your own hero.

Though he was always there when I wanted him, he tested me at times and told me that he can’t be everywhere to help me out. I realised it the day he went miles away from me that why he wanted me to be my own hero.

4. Respect those who respect you.

The only criterion my dad asked me to follow while talking to others is how much respect they give you. He always told me that regardless of age, gender or creed, you have to treat respect as something that you receive as much as you give.

5. Love yourself.

I still remember how he used to hate it when I asked him why I have a dusky skin. He always told me that if I don’t love my own self, others will do the same and this won’t give me happiness ever.

6. Be what you want to be.

Every time I used to get confused about my career, he told me to follow my heart. For him, my life was my choice and I have to make it on my own.

7. Feminism.

I am a feminist because my dad was one and that’s why I proudly say that it is in my genes. For him, I and my brother were always equal and if there were ever restrictions at home for something, it was either for both of us or none of us.

He believed that we live in a world where a woman is as powerful as a man and I am glad that he brought me up in the same way.


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