Friday , April 19 2024

7 Signs Your Friend Is The Perfect Wingman For You

When you and your wingman are the perfect match of Barney Stinson and Ted Mosby with realistic expectations, there is no betrayal or disrespect that will ever come your way. You will get more dates and enjoy going out more too.

In fact, your life will feel sorted as every time you will have a crush on someone, your wingman will be by your side to make things easier for you. So, do you have that perfect wingman by your side or not? These 7 signs will help you figure out.

1. Looks Sharp.

If your wingman is stylish and charming, girls don’t judge him. He is always suited up for every situation and his appearance does not come at your expense. So, when the girl you’re flirting with sees that your wingman is a cool guy too, she takes it as further proof that you are just as cool.

2. Knows signs.

If your wingman is at a bar and he can totally guess the girl you are looking at and without even telling you, he goes on to approach that girl, then he is the perfect wingman. He has to understand who you want and should make efforts to get the smoothly.

3. Never disrespects you.

When you treat your wing like a king, you convey that he must be respected. When you disrespect your friend in front of a girl, you are saying are giving her the liberty to laugh on him. You need to treat your wingman like your partner and that girl like your child, she will learn what you teach her about your friend.

4. Knows the rules.

A good wingman always knows, if at any time you break a rule, you make it up to him. If he is calling shotgun first, you are not allowed to go for that girl at all. And if he is interested in a girl who is interested in you, then you are bound to ignore her too.

5. Solo rider.

Your wingman should not only be good as a team but shout be able to fly solo too. If sometimes, you are not there, he should be able to score a few for himself on his own.

6. Life saver.

When you are talking to a girl, and the girl gets serious about you, your wingman should know how to save your life in that situation. Well, that’s what wingmen are for, right?

7. Sneaking out.

A good wingman knows how to isolate himself from the crowd without anyone noticing him and if he is able to do that with ease, never let him go.

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