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7 Signs That Say He Is The Forever Kind Of Guy

How do you know if he is your forever kind of love or one of those relationships that oh-so sadly end up in heartbreak? I wish there were some signboards which could warn us beforehand – ‘clingy’, ‘as*hole’, ‘heartbreaker’, ‘emotional mess’ and ‘Happily ever after’ – and save us from all the heartaches that we have either been through or are about to go through.

Us women want our lives to be well drawn out – to meet the ONE who is made for us, rather than falling in and out of love a few times. But as the popular saying goes, “You will get to know the ONE who is made for you when you meet HIM and who will look like the rest of your life.”

So with that in mind, here are a few signs that’ll let you know say he is the forever kind of guy:

1. He supports your dreams.

He believes in you and your visions, rather than rubbishing them off when they appear to be too unrealistic or impractical. But aren’t dreams supposed to be like that?

Aren’t they supposed to be BIG and SCARY? He brings out the best in you and helps you realize your full potential because he believes that true love means growing together and being the best versions of ourselves.

2. He wants to sort things out, rather than reaching for the door during an argument or a fight.

He makes an effort to talk things out after a fight, he wants to know the things that upset you and make up to you in ways that make you feel respected and heard.

3. He respects your opinions and choices.

He knows that you have an identity of your own, that you are opinionated, you have choices and preferences; and so he is good with accepting a ‘no’ from you.

He is definitely not one of those who enforce their own likes/dislikes, opinions, ideas and decisions down your throat.

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