Friday , April 19 2024

7 Relationship Tips For Highly Sensitive People

Being a highly sensitive person is often perceived by the world to be a sign of weakness. However, being a more emotional (especially in a more intense way than others) tends to make you a more compassionate, kind and gentle.

So if and when people start labelling you as ‘broken’ or ‘emotionally damaged’ just because you happen to be more emotional or sensitive, remember that it’s not your fault, their judgement is. In fact, according to recent studies, sensitive people tend to have more long lasting relationships in their lives.

So on that note, if you happen to be a highly sensitive person who also wants to have one such long lasting relationship, make sure you follow these 7 tips:

1. Don’t try to find a partner who would ‘fix you’.

As society has constantly tried to validate the false notion that it’s only love that can ‘fix you’, many people have actively started searching for partners just to ‘fix’ themselves. DON’T MAKE THAT MISTAKE.

Instead of searching for someone who would fix your sensitive and emotional nature, find someone who will appreciate you for who you are.

2. Try to find someone who feels the same way as you do.

One thing that would definitely help you build a long-term relationship includes finding someone who feels the same way as you do. Because you both would be sharing the same feelings of compassion and sensitivity, your compatibility with each other will be pretty high.

3. Find positivity in every moment you share with him/her.

Being in a relationship is not just about love or passion that you have for each other. Rather, it’s also about the positivity you find when you’re with them. So, whenever you are spending time with your partner, try to find something positive in every moment you share with them.

4. Forget about your past.

The only con of being sensitive is that you are not able to forget your past or move on very easily. Whenever you hold on to your past, you hold on to the negativity that, sooner or later, tends to manifest to harm your present relationships. As such, try to let go of your past as only then will you start feeling happy again and, you should have figured this out by now, you deserve to be happy.

5. Don’t get too emotionally attached.

I know this would probably be the most difficult thing for you to do, but try not to get too emotionally attached to your partner too soon. Yes if he/she happens to be your soulmate then there’s nothing wrong with emotional attachment, but you need to wait long enough to be sure about that.

Most people consider emotional attachment to be a good thing, but at times it only ends up increasing your insecurities and if he/she doesn’t end up being your soul mate, you end up spoiling things for yourself.

6. Don’t tell them everything.

The one thing about being sensitive is that you start feeling that everyone deserves to know everything about you. But when it comes to a relationship, telling your partner everything (including your past) will make things unfavourable for you in future.

7. Be yourself.

When people will tell you that you are ‘way too sensitive’ or that you’re ‘too emotional to function’, you shouldn’t listen to any of them. Just be who you are and let things take their own good time because if you are meant to be with your partner, nothing can come between you two.

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