Sunday , July 3 2022

7 Reasons Why Men Get Over-Protective Towards Their Girl

Women hate how sometimes men act so strange and protective. Whether you are going out with your friends, they keep a track of it. When you make a decision, take up something or think for a new venture, they show you the cons of it.

No, they don’t do it because they want to stop you from doing something or to have the upper hand in your relationship. Sometimes, they just do it because they are protective towards you and the feeling of you being hurt is something they can’t bear.

So, why are men so protective about the love of their life? Find out with these reasons:

1. They have seen the real side of guys.

Every time your boyfriend warns you about not going out with a particular guy or asks too many questions about other men around you, don’t start questioning him in return. They just ask it because they have seen how the guys are more closely and they want you to be aware if there’s any wrong guy around you.

2. They want you to be safe.

I know it’s irritating at times, but men act like that because they want you to be safe. Yes, there is a thin line between being protective and over protective, so if he is just protective, you should know that he just wants you to be safe.

3. They are disturbed because of the unsafe environment.

We all know how unsafe this world has become for women and that risk increases when you are single and independent. Men are worried about this unsafe scenario as much as you are and that’s the reason they want to protect you from this world.

4. They feel it’s their responsibility.

Though it’s the responsibility of both men and women to take care of each other, men have always been the ones to take it more seriously. Call it the brought up or just inner conscience, protecting the love of their life comes naturally to them.

5. They want the best for you.

When they ask you not to do something or think about a decision twice, they are trying to help you out in getting what’s best in store for you and falling for any false trap.

6. They feel good.

When they are being protective and you understand what they really want to say, they feel good. It’s a feeling of being able to help you out in life and making sure that you are safe and happy. Believe me, it’s something they cherish.

7. They really love you.

Last but not the least, they love you and they do whatever they do because of that. As you might know, loving someone is not just about romantic words or happy dances, it is about entering someone’s life and making it better than it ever was. So, when they are being protective and you don’t like it, remember they love you.

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