Monday , April 15 2024

7 Bro Codes No Guy Will Ever Break No Matter What

Every man out there knows the value of a bromance in his life, because, believe it or not, that’s a precious relationship they treasure a lot.

Yes, they do love and value their girlfriends, but the bond they share with their closest bros is something that’s beyond special. And once that bond is formed, there is no way anyone can replace them in each other’s lives.

This also explains why they have a bro-code that they swear by, no matter what.

Now since not everyone is aware of the unwritten contents of this bro-code (especially the poor, oblivious girlfriends), we decided to give them a little insight by letting them know about these seven integral bro codes:

1. They can fight over anything, but not girls.

It’s the first rule that all close bros will vehemently follow, and will do so with all their heart and soul.

Ever since the day their friendship begins, they promise each other that, as much as they would fight over cars, phones, movies or sports, they will NEVER fight over a girl.

2. Don’t tell your girl about the bro code.

“The first rule of Fight Club is to not tell anyone about Fight Club”.

Well, as it turns out, that sentiment is also applicable to the Bro-Code. No matter how much your boyfriend loves you, he will never tell you about the bro-code that runs thicker than blood, between him and his bros.

3. Never sharing desert; “Joey doesn’t share food”

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