Tuesday , May 28 2024

6 Reasons Why Being Nice To People Is The Ultimate Solution To All Your Problems

How is it possible to survive in this dog eat dog world without being bitchy? What to do if you want your employees to be more productive? How can you be less stressed in life? Well, the answer to all the questions is this – Be nice to people.

Science backs up the cause of being nice to fellow human beings. And come on, you’ve generally got to be nice to people, because being tough with them won’t do you any good.

1. Being nice is the key to a happy team.

Internet giant Google held a survey to find out what factors would built a happy, productive team? Thus, Project Aristotle was formed, where the employees were asked questions based on psychological safety, dependability, structure and clarity. It was then revealed that being nice is a big factor which leads to a happy team. By letting go of ego and pride, one has to help each other by discussing how they can make the product better is the key to making productive teams.

2. Selflessness is the secret to success.

Wharton professor Adam Grant has stated in his book ‘Give and Take’ that the most successful people aren’t the ones who are selfish, but those who selflessly give the most. In his book Grant gives an example of Abraham Lincoln who unselfishly withdrew from a Senate race in the 1830s, but then he won the support of his opponent in the next election. Therefore, the key to being popular with people is being nice and giving.

3. Good gossip can improve relations; however talking behind people’s back can take away your good night’s sleep.

Research has highlighted the positive effects of gossip. However, there are also chances of the negative talks coming back to you and spoil your relations. Until and unless you don’t talk about people you know, gossip is cool, but unnecessarily talking bad about people will eventually come back to you.

4. Being nice can boost your health.

Brain scans show that the acts of kindness generate an instant ‘warm-glow’ effect on us. It is when we give or when we volunteer to help others, our brain releases endorphins, the chemicals responsible for making us happy.

5. You get more work done.

Productivity increases when you acknowledge people for their work and give them due credit. A work environment that has a compassionate work culture is known to yield great results.

6. You go to sleep happier.

Yale university psychologists led by researcher Emily Ansell sent daily cell-phone check-ins to a group of 77 adults ranging in age from 18 to 44. For two weeks, participants stated each night how many stressful events they experience and how many kind acts they performed, and whether their overall mood felt positive or negative. When the participants reported, positive acts like holding a door open or helping someone cross the road, their stress levels came down and they went to bed happy and slept better.

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