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5 Simple Ways to Identify Someone With Hidden Motives

There are definitely some very toxic people in the world, and chances are, you have run into a lot of them. Some of them may seem friendly at first, but that is just a ruse to beguile you later on to see what else they can get from you.

These people have bad intentions. They do not want to be your friend for the sake of being your friend, Instead they have motives to manipulate you into doing the things that they want you to do.

How exactly can we find these bad intentions in toxic people from the get-go? Some of them are extremely subtle with their intent and can be some of the most amazing liars in the world. But if you are able to pick up on these warning signs in a person, chances are you’ve caught them before they could even make a move on you.

1. Tirelessly Needy

Toxic people will often engage in conversations with others only to talk about themselves. They will make it seem like they are very interested in what’s going on in your personal life, but somehow always manage to flip the conversation back to themselves again.

They will relentlessly shower you with how many things they need and all of the things that they want. This isn’t just a general need or want, they will tell you exactly what they need from you or what they want you to do for them. Do not fall prey to this manipulation.

2. Silver Tongue

Toxic people have the tongue of a demon when they want to persuade someone into doing something they want. For some reason, they have this ability to spin words into a fabricated mess that seems almost too good to be true. They are some of the most amazing liars, always testing the people around them to see who is worthy of their time.

Do not listen to or let their persuasive words make you do something you really don’t want to do. Listen to your own gut and remove yourself from any situation that makes you uncomfortable with that person. They are going to try and manipulate you further if you don’t.

3. One Thing On Their Mind

There is only one thing on their mind and that’s getting you to do their bidding. The only reason for them to do any of this to anyone is so they can achieve whatever goal they have planned for that interaction.

You will begin to notice that they talk about the same things over and over again in an attempt to sink the idea into your head that you should help them with whatever it is they are looking for. Do not oblige. Refuse to give them what they want even if they are a broken record. You can still say no, change the topic, or leave the situation entirely.

4. Have A Bad Feeling?

If a toxic person has just finished talking to you and you feel as if you’re misunderstood, irritated, unsure, or just have an extremely bad feeling in general, then you have just witnessed what it’s like to fall prey to someone with bad intentions.

These people leave you feeling as if you weren’t even heard, like you were just talking to a wall the whole time, that somehow they pulled a fast one on you. Do not fall victim to these negative feelings; that is what they want you to feel deep inside. They feed off that energy and use it to their advantage.

5. Irregular Eye Contact and Body Language

Even though a liar may have a very hard time looking a person in the eye, they still do their best to demonstrate proper body language as well as eye contact. For them, this makes them seem like a “normal” human being with normal, good intentions.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. If you begin to notice that they have these irregular movements about them, chances are they are going to want to take you for a ride. Do not let them, look them dead in the eyes, watch their hand movements to see if they cover their mouth or face. Sweating is a good indication, and so is constant blinking.

Hopefully this has helped you proof yourself against toxic people who have some of the worst intentions. If there are other ways that you know how to avoid these kinds of people, please let us know.

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