Tuesday , May 21 2024

20 Things Men Desperately Want Their Girlfriends To Know

It might be impossible for a man to voice out these things, but men definitely want their girlfriends to know them. Men find it tough to read women. They can spend a lifetime and still not come close to understanding the intricate mystery that is a female psyche. It’s a lost cause and men might as well admit defeat. But to be fair ladies, how well do we know men? Chances are not nearly as well as we should. Let’s start with the basics – men are less complex animals and believe in leading a simple life. No drama! We did a bit of a survey and this is what men had to say. Ladies, time to take notes, as this might make it easier to live in the same world as men. Irrespective of whether these points hold true to you or not, we urge you to take it in fun spirit.

“Don’t Try to Change Us”

The logic is simple – love him the way he is or not at all. And it works both ways.

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