Tuesday , June 28 2022

14 Very Awkward Stages Of Meeting New People

I love people (well most of them) and as much as I like to talk to them, first meetings can make me really, really awkward. I don’t get stuck on the “what to talk about” part, rather it’s how to start the conversation that gets me a bit confused. I normally end up either being over enthusiastic with huge smile that scares people away (it would scare me too), or I am so cold the person probably goes home and cries. There is no in between, no normal that I can stick to. If you can relate to this too (poor you), I bet first meetings go something like this for you too.

1. When you hear that you are going to be meeting someone new and you are visibly excited because you like new people.

2. When it’s time to actually meet them, you hate the fact that you have to put that bra on and maybe, even comb your curls! Arghhh!

3. All along the way you are secretly hoping for a miracle that will not let this meeting happen. Maybe you’ll bump into a dino?

4. You meet them and your brain goes into overdrive. Am I looking good? OMG is that a ‘I Love Twilight’ band?

5. The brain overdrive obviously results in MAJOR awkwardness.

6. Because you messed up BIG time you are now obsessing over it and cannot have a normal conversation.

7. So you are just nodding your head and looking like a fool.

8. And then you are obsessing over this also now. Oh god, it’s a whole cycle of worry and mess-ups.

9. You finally get your brain to function and you say something really witty.

10. And then you obsess over that a little. #RepeatCycle.

11. The person calls the meeting to an end – because you clearly are incapable of taking any decisions thanks to your over-analysing brain.

12. Goodbyes are the worst. Can you hug them, or should you shake their hand? Or maybe just smile.

13. Arghhhhhh you hugged them when they just wanted to shake your hand.

14. You retreat to the bathroom and CRY!

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