Friday , April 19 2024

10 Reasons Why No Girl Wants To Date You

They say there’s no one rule to impress a woman. Each of them has their own preferences and types when it comes to men. The qualities that never appeal to them is a simpler affair though. Some of us are born charmers, but a lot of us go ham-fisted the moment it comes to dealing with women. Wondering why no girl ever wants to date you?

Here’s why.

1. It’s probably because you’ve never been around a lot of women and it definitely shows. You’re super awkward when it comes to talking. You cannot hold conversations. And that’s a big red flag for any girl.

2. You constantly misunderstand signals. You take the wrong hints. If she’s being friendly, you assume she’s interested in you. You make moves and ultimately creep her out.

3. You’re se*ist and it’s not hard to tell. Of course, no woman wants to be with a man who thinks he’s superior to her.

4. You crack inappropriate jokes, especially on her. If you compliment her on her moustache the first time you meet, you shouldn’t be wondering why she blocked you.

5. You don’t know when to stop. You don’t understand when she’s trying to push you away. You keep messaging her and initiating chats when she’s clearly not in the mood. And that ruins all your chances of being a prospective boyfriend.

6. You look the kinds who’s so desperate to get a girlfriend, you’d date whoever comes your way.

7. You’re not presentable. The guy she’s interested in is no David Beckham either but at least he knows how to look good. It’s not so much about good looks as it is about being well-groomed, clean and stylish.

8. You cross lines. You get too touchy. You may be doing out of friendliness or to hide your own nervousness but it only makes you look like a creep.

9. You’re sleazy and foul-mouthed. You hurl abuses at the drop of a hat and make people uncomfortable with your uncouth gestures and use of profanity.

10. You’re too shy and under-confident. If you can’t even look her in the eye while talking to her; so she’s never going to want to be with you.

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