Wednesday , April 24 2024

10 Reasons Why Girls Do Not Propose

Falling in love is a most wonderful thing. We all know that. You need to love someone who loves you more in return at the same time. And most importantly, one of you needs to propose the other! Here are some reasons why girls hold back.

1. Girls prefer more to be asked out compared to boys.

Studies and statistics show that girls preferred to be asked out in comparison to boys. For anything if it is asking for a date or for anything girls wanted to be asked. You can say it’s their nature.

2. Cultural ties

From the ancient times of courtship, it was a duty of men to ask women for anything. If a woman is Indian she is often taught to be shut up and sit back. So this is also one of the important reason girls don’t propose.

3 .Outrageous behaviour

If by chance the girl takes the first step to ask a boy out, they start getting judged by society. Don’t worry about it, if someone you loves explain to them. Love knows no bounds.

4. Sound desperate

Many of you would think that it’s desperate for a girl to propose a guy. If a guy does the same thing, he is considered to be sweet and romantic. Somewhere the blame starts with everyone for accepting and assenting to that image.

5. Easily approachable.

The society we live in is that if a girl proposing a guy can judge her being easily approachable. It is mainly due to the fear of being judged that she stays within the defined limits of society.

6. Fear of rejection.

Many girls do not propose because of fear of rejections. It’s is not possible for girls to overcome the grief of rejections.

7. Waiting for the right guy.

We always wait for the right man and want our life to be perfect. We want such things as the right guy at the right moment.

8. Pointing fingers at you.

Every time you fight, he has the one thing to say that you hate the most. He blames you for proposing to him in the first place if you can’t handle a fight. This is one of the most annoying reasons.

9. Special feel

Girls always want to feel special. If a guy proposes her, she feels on the top of the world, special and more romantic. Well, who doesn’t like surprise proposal at the top of the Eiffel tower?

10 .Ultimate dilemma

It is said that a girl always thinks that she is not the right one for the guy she loves. People believe that women’s rule is only for accepting and rejecting the proposals.

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