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17 Rarest Astronomical Photos Ever Captured

If there’s anything in this world that can make us feel small and prove to us we know very little, it is the huge space that surrounds us with billions of stars that may be an incredible distance away, yet light our night sky just the same, and will continue to do so long after we’re gone.

The photos you’ll see in this post come from the Annual Astronomical Photography by the Greenwich Museum, and you are invited to enjoy the astounding beauty of our universe in its rarest moments.

1. The Rise of Angels by Brad Goldenfeit, USA

17 Rarest Astronomical Photos Ever Captured

After a scary meeting with a black bear, photographer Brad felt a great relief when he got to his destination. In this wondrous photo, you can see a meteor streaking through the night sky with the milky way clearly seen next to it. It was taken from the top of Mount Rainier in Washington, 4,392 meters above sea level. The white points of light along the rocky track are the lights of the climbers ascending the top.

2. Northern Lights in Panorama, by Jen R. Olsen, Norway

17 Rarest Astronomical Photos Ever Captured

The green northern lights dance over Lyngenfjord , the longest fjord in Troms, Norway. The most common color of this natural phenomenon – green – is created by oxygen molecules breaking as they hit the solar particles escaping the sun’s atmosphere.

3. C/2014 Q2 Lovejoy by Michael Jager, Austria

17 Rarest Astronomical Photos Ever Captured

The Lovejoy comet sails through our solar system, leaving a green shimmer and blue-colored dust in its wake. Near the end of 2014 and during early 2015, the comet could be seen with simple binoculars. The green-blue light it makes, clearly seen against the black night’s sky, is caused by burning of gas.

4. The Quiet Before the Storm by Julie Fletscher, Australia

17 Rarest Astronomical Photos Ever Captured

A natural lightshow caused by a thunderstorm, menacing at a distance. The photographer witnessed this storm from the Kati-Thanda Lake National Park in South Australia for two hours before she took this terrific photo.

5. Full Moon Over the Alps by Stephano De Rosa, Italy

17 Rarest Astronomical Photos Ever Captured

The wondrous view of the full moon, sinking behind the red-colored alps, is a gift for anyone who makes the climb up.

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