Tuesday , May 21 2019

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14 Greatest Solutions To World’s Plastic Problems

Plastic is a cheap, fast-to-make and easy-to-use material. Because of this, however, the global usage of plastic is starting to cause a real problem, as plastic takes hundreds of years to decompose naturally, even thousands with some plastic products. That is why many companies around the world are fighting this …

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Sparkling Glow-Worms Turn The Caves Into Starry Night

WATCH Sparkling Glow-Worms Turn a Gloomy Cave into Art What an incredible video this is of an illuminating natural phenomenon – New Zealand’s cave dwelling glow-worms – done with such amazing, painstaking skill and effort! This time-lapse video was created over many nights, so that we too can see the …

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14 Most Beautiful Pictures Of The Week

The photographs in this collection have somehow managed to capture 15 incredibly rare and unique scenes. The only question you might have is this: are you sure they are real photographs? That is, haven’t they been photo-shopped? The surprising and pleasant answer is NO! Here you will see some of …

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Explore Portugal’s Top 9 National Parks And Nature Sites

Portugal attracts quite a few tourists, but they all flock to specific destinations such as Lisbon, Porto or Sintra. Although these are picturesque cities worth seeing, if you want to experience Portugal in all its glory, you definitely shouldn’t skip out on the nature that it offers. Whether you want …

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