Friday , April 19 2024

A Beautiful Collection Of Nature’s Brilliant Blues

Blue is my favorite color. Yet, other than the obvious – the sky and the effect it has on how we see water on Earth – there is a surprising lack of blue in nature. There are very few blue plants or flowers that haven’t been modified by humans, no genuinely blue mammals and and no naturally blue foods (blueberries aren’t actually blue in anything but name). Even blue eyes are rarer than other colors across the animal kingdom! For that reason, it’s particularly special to find examples of brilliant blue on nature’s great canvas. Here is a collection of some of the most beautiful…

1. Bluebells decorate forests across the UK with beautiful waves of blue every spring. There are few more romantic sights in the countryside than a hidden bluebell wood.

2. The Mazarine Blue Butterfly (or Polyommatus semiargus) is widely distributed across Europe, Asia and North Africa and have even been found in Antartica. The males have deep blue wings, to attract brown females.

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