Friday , April 19 2024

14 Mind-Blowing Photographs Of Beautiful Nature

There’s no photoshop, no image alteration of any kind, just another proof that nature can create miracles of unimaginable beauty. Of course, from time to time we, humans, try to improve nature’s designs and, in extremely rare cases, we actually make something look better!

Dallol, Ethiopia

There used to be a volcano here but now it’s just a huge depression (geological, not psychological) the locals call Dallol (dissolution). Miocene salt and boiling-hot water from the depths of the Earth push out brine and acidic liquids to the surface, forming these trippy green ponds of acid, sulfur and oxidized iron.

Laguna Colorada, Bolivia

If Mars had water, this is what the lakes would look like: bright red and full of (alien) life. Why is it so red? Quick answer – certain algae and very specific sediments. Long answer – you’re here to look at the pictures, not read a geology report. Those white islands in the center of the lake, BTW, are actually made entirely of borax.

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