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Wives Of The World’s Top 8 Biggest Dictators

Do you have any idea how hard it is to be a dictator in the modern world? They have so many things to handle on a daily basis, such as dealing with an extraordinary amount of personal power, violating the human rights of their citizens and controlling every aspect of their lives, repressing all those political opponents, restricting on the freedom of the press while making sure the propaganda works 24/7.

To deal with all these tedious tasks, you have to be much more than an above average person, you have to be near a super-human type. If you think you are the only one who can rule the whole country and you know what is best for each and everyone of its citizens, you ought to be a great person. And, as they say, behind every great man there is a great woman.

Indeed, in the today’s society, with the spread of democracy, remaining dictators often find themselves in the spotlight, but their ladies more often stay behind the curtain. Therefore, we offer you a glimpse of the wives of the biggest dictators. How they look and what they are up to.

Ri Sol Ju, Kim Jong Un’s wife

Ri Sol Ju, aka the Kate Middleton of North Korea, was outed only recently. Previously she stood unidentified in photos with the supreme leader of North Korea, having everyone lost in conjectures about who this pretty lady was.

There is very little information about Ri Sol Ju, other than that she’s around 30 and hailed from a well-off North Korean family (yep, it’s a shocker there are some of those, besides Kim Jong Un’s).

There are some rumors, though, that claim she may have shot a homemade porn video and used to lead a profligate lifestyle. Logically, all the people, responsible for spreading these rumors, were ordered by Kim Jong Un to be executed, according to other rumors. Sorry, did you expected more credible information from the country with its own closed Internet?

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