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9 Fond Memories All Back-Benchers Will Relate To

Every class has that bunch of kids who arrive late for a class, calmly take their seats at the back and enjoy themselves to the fullest ignoring the boring lectures. Once in a while you can also find them popping up a hilarious question that can leave the teachers tongue-tied. These are students who know how to shrug off tension easily and laugh it all off. They are revered and regarded as the ‘cool dudes’ of the class.

But even though they carry that nonchalant air there are things that they treasure. These are fond memories of being a back-bencher. Here are some you’ll relate to if you’ve been a back-bencher.

1. You were easily on every teacher’s target list.

They would look for answers from you even when you did not have your hand raised; they would invite you to sit on the first bench during their session; read out your answer sheets loudly in class and aim dusters and chalks at you when you dared to turn your head around. In return, you would be the first one to celebrate the end of a class with your hooliganism.

2. You were always thrown out of the class along with your gang for being too mischievous.

At times, when the teachers couldn’t tolerate you they would simply ask you to leave before they could start their class. And, you would be happy to oblige as it was better than being under constant scrutiny in class.

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